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    Micro Antennas
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    One-stop-shop for Repeater / RF Modules

    One-stop-shop for Repeater / RF Modules
    As a senior private high-tech enterprise in the field of RF and microwave, we are a leading supplier and ODM/OEM manufacturer of network optimization devices. The provision of client-oriented RF transmission and coverage network total solutions, with products widely applied in the previous point-to-point communication, multiple access communication, digital ultrahigh frequency system, analog repeater, digital television to wireless communication systems based on GSM, PHS, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMax, TD-SCDMA, and TD-LTE. Our product categories cover all active circuits, passive filters and antennae, RF subsystem, and the complete network optimization device.
    ODM /OEM abilities
    - By constantly improving its technical support system, Multi-Micro is devoted to provide engineering supervision, technical consultation and other services for clients.
    - Multi-Micro can organize the special R&D project team for tailor-made products and deliver qualified samples in short time. 
    - Multi-Micro is capable of supplying large quantities of products at short notice by strengthening the production capacity of its manufacturing system, introducing advanced production facilities and instruments, and establishing the standardized production line.
    Manufacturing conditions
    - 8 specialized production lines, including production lines for active device, passive device and complete appliance; 
    - 4 sets of high-speed automated SMT production lines
    - 40 imported CNC machine; 
    - 300 imported signal source, VNA vector network analyzers and frequency spectrometers; 
    - Capable of producing 500,000 modules and 100,000 complete devices;  
    Certified to ISO9001 in 2001 and granted a series of network access licenses for its communication devices